The Appeal of Nine-hole Golf Courses to Luxury Golfers

Golf is a popular sport among the wealthy. To those who are new in the sport or would simply want to have a good time with family, luxury golfing in nine-hole courses is proving to be gaining appeal.

Golf is proving to be an appealing sport not only for competitive purposes but also for the entertainment of those looking to have a luxurious time with family and friends out in the greens. For these people, the preference leans more on small-scale golf games played in 9–hole golf courses more than the exhaustive 18–hole ones that take most of their time.

Among this privileged minority, time is of the essence. This is the main reason the appeal of nine-hole golf courses are greater to them. They are the type of people who are pressed for time due to other more urgent activities like work, businesses and personal obligations. Nine-hole golf courses are also the ideal choice of those who are new in the sport and would first want to gain practice and expertise in short courses. For those whose aim is to get fun and entertainment among families and friends, particularly the ones in the urban areas, playing nine holes is the wise choice.

Golf has always been a sport associated with the rich. This may have started around 1848 when golf equipment, including golf balls, has become quite expensive that only the affluent are able to afford them. An average individual is not likely to be able to participate in the sport due to this. Despite this, golf continued to grow phenomenally.

Golf courses generally have 18 holes. However, during the early days, the existing golf courses have different number of holes. Leith Links built a five-hole course in 1744. This is where the 1st golf tournament was played. Blackheath followed suit but added two more holes to its course. In 1818, Bruntsfiled Links had a 6-hole golf course constructed. It was Musselburgh Old which started the nine-hole golf course when they turned their 1832 eight-hole course into nine.

The person who brought the nine-hole course in the United States however is Charles Blair MacDonald, also known as the “Father of American Golf Course Architecture”. He had one built in 1892 and the next year made it into an18-hole course.

Playing 9–hole golf games, and playing golf in general, has gone a long way since then. Not only are golf courses being built all over the world, the technology and innovation applied to its construction has become state-of-the-art. The equipment used by golfers are getting more expensive by the day but nobody really minds. After all, the ones who are involved are the ones who can easily afford.

Though 18-hole courses are still the choice of golfers who are in it for the competition, the appeal of nine–hole golf courses is becoming greater particularly to the high-end market whose time is constrained and are basically novice golf players. They are into the sport more for the fun of it than the competition. A 9-hole golf game is what family gathering would mean nowadays, especially for those who would rather spend sporty mornings with each other hitting putts.

With all the advantages brought about by playing 9-hole golf games, it does not come as a surprise that more and more prestigious courses are being built to cater to this kind of market. On top of all the fun, the playing elite will surely not be able to escape the competitive spirit that golf will provide them. Nine-hole courses may be shorter but they are far from easy. Challenge will always be the name of the game.

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Posted on Dec 2, 2010